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Product Description:

This classic product has been reengineered with a new-ageing resistance acrylic adhesive and crafted from the latest generation 0,85mm PE foam, setting a new standard for durability and reliability compare to its predecessor.

Originally designed for mineral lenses, this versatile pad has evolved into an exceptional general-purpose solution, compatible with all existing lens edgers.

For added convenience, it is available with a green or white liner upon request.

Experience the versatility of the Standard Blue & White Blocking Pad Version II, suitable for hydrophobic lenses and even some super hydrophobic lenses. From its wide range of optical applications, this pad proves to be an indispensable tool, offering outstanding performance in every use case.


Directions for use:

Prior to use, ensure that both the lens and block are free from moisture, dust, and grease.

Physical properties:




High conformable closes cell PE foam 0,85mm (+/- 15%)

Total Thickness:

0,85 mm

Liner manual roll:

Top: White glassine paper or blue PE

Bottom: white glassine paper

Liner machine roll:

Top: translucent blue PE film

Bottom: transparent PET film

Temperature resistance:

-40ºC up to 100ºC

Shelf Life:

12 months from dispatch when stored in original cartons between 10ºC to 35ºC and under 50% relative humidity

More information.

Our Standard Blue II & White II blocking pads can be produced for both manual or machine use.

Our blocking pads are available in all different shapes. View our PDF file for more information about the available shapes.

Do you have any questions or would you like to order our Standard Blue II & White II blocking pads? Please contact us via our contact form.

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