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Permanento Edge-it. Since its launch in 1989, Permanento Edge-it is considered the leading manufacturer and provider to the ophthalmic industry. With more than thirty years experience in the Ophthalmic industry, Permanento Edge-it is recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of edging pads in Europe.

Permanento Edge-it Ophthalimic products division carries 3 product lines:

1. Lens Edging Pads
2. Surface Protection Pads
3. Surface Improvement Pads

As a manufacturer we are uniquely positioned to supply in any shape and size you require. Our comprehensive range of materials from world-class suppliers is just one of the reasons why optical workshops in Europe have been relying for years on our Edge-it pads for edging, surface protection and improvement. 

A reputation built on the reliable supply of an extensive range of high quality lens edging pads and other lens manufactured products. With factories and sales offices established in Europa and Asia we ensure fast and reliable delivery worldwide. Innovative in an ever changing market, we are able to develop products that matches the latest generation of lenses.

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